Professional Development

Are you looking for fun and fresh ideas to help incorporate music and movement into your educational program? The Jolly Lollies offer professional development sessions for organizations and groups looking to enhance their educator's bag of musical tricks. Their teachings focus on the importance of exposing young children and families to music to support them in all avenues of life. They provide tools and practical ideas to pass along to parents and caregivers to incorporate at home.

Who would benefit from a Jolly Lollies Session?

  • Preschool & Early Elementary Teachers: Sessions and music focus on ages birth to seven. Many of the songs and ideas focus on transition times, self regulation, and circle time ideas.
  • Librarians: Language development and music development go hand in hand.
  • Occupational Therapists: Music makes every day activities playful and these sessions can give professionals more tools to help clients.
  • Child Psychologists: Children respond so well to music and as children sing and move they can express feelings they may not be able to by talking.

Professional Development Session Topics

(Please note that this is not an exhaustive list, please email us if you have a session idea.)

  • Literacy and Music are Best Friends: In this session we explore how literacy, language development, and music development go together.
  • Incorporating Music in the Classroom: Holly and Liz have been working with preschools and families for over ten years, educating them on how to include music in everyday life. This session will give your teachers musical tools to sing with children during circle time and throughout the day.
  • Music in Everyday Life: Using The Jolly Lollies music, traditional American folk songs, and nursery rhymes your team will learn how to use songs as tools in everyday life. Activities like hand washing, diapering, toileting, eating broccoli, and getting dressed can be made more fun with songs and rhymes.
  • Reviving the Classics: "Ive Been Working on the Rail Road", "Fiddle I Fee", "You are My Sunshine"...all classic songs. Let the Jolly Lollies introduce you to new ways to present these songs in the classroom and remind you of the great that need to stay alive in your culture.
  • Music and Feeling: One desire of the Jolly Lollies is to gift families with a few more pages in their emotional lexicon. Songs like "We all Have Bad Days", "Boo Boos", and "Wiggle Freeze" help guide children in playfully tapping into their emotions and gives them some solutions for how to cope with challenging situations. Music is one tool to help children practice self-regulation. Come learn how songs and chants can help a child express joy, fear, love, regret, and many other emotions.

The Details

  • Our Sessions generally run 1-3 hours.
  • Please email us for dates and rates.
  • Please feel free to talk to us about customizing a session for your organization's specific needs.