The Jolly Lollies...

  • Play regularly on "Kids Place Live"- Sirius Radio
  • Are included in "The Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl" playlists
  • Performed on "Charlotte Today" April 29, 2015
  • Were featured on KDHX 88.1 "The Musical Merry-Go-Round"
  • Were played on the "OWTK Kid's Music Monthly" Podcast
  • Were reviewed by NPR contributor "Zooglobble"
  • Were a part of the New Music January 2016 Playlist for "Zooglobble"
But there’s something about this album that elevates it above a lot of the music I hear for this age range.  Maybe it’s the slightly handmade sound, so it’s not overproduced. Maybe it’s Seegers’ and Lorette’s voices, which are sweet but slightly nasally and sound lovely in harmony.
— Stefan Shepherd, NPR contributor and writer for Zooglobble
I had the pleasure of seeing the Jolly Lollies singing at a birthday party for a 2 year old boy.  Not only did the children love it but the adults had a great time as well.  I was included in that.  As the director of a preschool summer camp for ages 2-5.  I knew I had to ask them to come and entertain for us.  They were fun, energetic, interactive and very entertaining. I loved how they got the kids involved with instruments and scarves. They were a hit with the campers and the counselors. I can’t wait to invite them back for this coming summer. They were our favorite performers.
— Patty Torcellini, JCC Camp Katan Director

Reviews from Fans

SUCH A FUN CD!!! The kids I watch love it! When the babies are crying in the car, I'll put the cd on and they stop crying and start dancing. –Sbs731

Great children's album for both kids and parents! –Bertkeea

Such a joy to hear, fun for everyone! –Kr_sexton

My son can't stop listening to this music!!! It gets him moving and has such a great message. I have also started singing the lullaby to him before bed. It is so sweet. Can't wait for volume 2!! –MusicMom3333