Music Play Dates


What is self control? How do we practice mindfulness? How can music play a role in your child's social and emotional development? The Jolly Lollies created their music to help answer these questions. Join Liz and Holly for Play Dates!

Fall Session

Where: Watershed
When: Mondays 9:30, Saturdays 9:30
Who: All ages. This is a program where an adult will need to accompany the child.
Cost: $180 for ten week session beginning the week of September 9

Play Dates are bi-weekly. As always bring a coffee, snack, or breakfast if you’d like, chat with some friends, and then join in a guided yoga, meditation, and a musical experience led by Liz and Holly. Not only will our time be fun as we sing and dance but we will dive into topics that can help your child develop awareness of emotions, a practice of sharing with friends, and the creativity of making new music.

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